A disgrace to hip-hop and don't even put his name in RAP.Lil'Bow Wow's and Lil'Romeo's ghostwriters have better flow than him.The only reason he gets hits records is if Ashanti is doing the hooks.The worst Pop Star I've ever seen that claims he's in rap.

Irv Gotti's puppet.
Irv Gotti:Since we ain't making money off of rap you should start acting!

Ja Rule:I am already acting!My best role is Tupac in every rap video I make!
by anonymous January 08, 2005
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1.Damn ja rule fell off boy, that man is garbage
2.my mom yelled at me last night cuz i forgot to take out the ja rule
3.that kid got sick for touching some toxic ja rule
by Jizz-osh January 23, 2005
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well ja rule has a head shaped like a peanut so..............
well its not really a definition, its just that jaaaaaaaaaa rule is a dick
by stevie " the skill" July 22, 2003
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A faggot ass "rapper" that quotes Tupac shit all the time like he just wrote it, and acts like he's from the hood.
Ja Rule can suck my left nut.
by Otto Goods January 08, 2006
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1.) A punk ass motha fucka that relys on ashanti to sell records.

2.) a mock-aveli that copys tupac and dmx and thinks no1 notices, 3 words for ja rule, doe ray me, a song of d12 n obie that rips in2 ja rule.
Hailie Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?

Eminem No honey you guys are the same size
by realestni99a4eva April 30, 2005
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Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins was at one time a successful rapper. He tried to imitate Tupac and miserebly failed lyrically and in conception of the fans. He has done a lot of duets with Ashanti but started singing his own hooks. His voice resembles that of Sesame Street character Cookie Monster. His career is largely overshadowed by his beef with 50 Cent, which grew to involve Eminem, D12, G-Unit, Busta Rhymes and Obie Trice. He suffered a lyrical assault at the hands the Interscop/Aftermath rappers. Since then, he has tried to pick up what's left of the shattered pieces of his career.
Kid: Mommy, who's that wack rapper singing on TV that sounds like Cookie Monster?

Mom: Oh, that's Ja Rule, honey

Kid: Damn, he sucks!
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The DOPEISH is a fucking moron, here's why:

Ja Rule went to an all-white private school, which he admits to making him feel like a tough guy, though he is a bitch.
50 Cent put out 21 Questions...Okay? 2Pac put out How Do U Want It, does that make him a pussy?

Ja Rule does NOTHING but love ballads now. He is all about duets with Ashanti, and he is a fucking bitch. He is now trying to be hard again, because he was made fun of so much when 50 Cent came out and made a mockery of him.
'I smell pussy, is that you Ja?'
'You sing for hoes and sound like the cookie monster'
Real Rap Fan #1 : So what is the worst rap song / rapper of all time in the hip hop world?

Real Rap Fan #2 : As long as Ja keeps making music, we can never truly judge.
by Joey December 29, 2004
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