a place where plenty of shit goes down like gangbangin, drug dealin, killin, a place where you wouldnt want to be
South Central LA, South Bronx, Queensbridge, Southside Houston, Brooklyn, parts of Queens, Philly, etc.
by Adept April 1, 2005
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A place where NOT just African American folk ususally claim they are from but many races. They usually aspire to fantacies of escaping from "the hood" but most will remain. However some actually do manage to escape from this 'hood' through their talents and colleges not thru rap only as others would have you believe.

The hood is not just an area of heavy crime, and corrupt police force. Hoods are not usually owned by organized crime organizations known as Street gangs. Which Street gangs do not always deal in the drug trade, prostitution, and theft (people are just biased).

Hoods are something of all races and cultures including hispanics, blacks, even whites, etc, this hood-mentality has been spread through the increasing popularity of Rap and Hip-hop music, "gangster culture", and the underfunding of the police force allowed by the government.
The hood is a bad place(so they say), where you don't want to be, simple as that(so they say/could be the safest place to be at sometimes). Certain people claim to have knowledge and experience about the "hood".
yet!! In my opinion a person who's never been or ever lived in the hood ,will never know what really happens or go's on in the hood which can be found in any state/city/country burbs/suburbs!
Hello and how are you? I am just 1 person who's left the hood but not because of the music industry, but because I wanted out through hard work and determination....
by Original G! Da don still lives February 12, 2016
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1. that which covers the engine of a car, typically made of metal, and opened via a latch within the automobile; 2. a garment covering the head.

Not to be confused with 'hood (c.v.)
1. To change the oil in his car, he first had to lift the hood. 2. Superman wears a cape that has no hood.
by archimedest July 25, 2006
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place where niggas rep where they from
a place where niggas can juss chill
me and my niggas was chillin in the hood last night
by titoa43 December 12, 2006
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The place where thugs and wangsters hang out slangin' caine and droppin' beats.
Chawnte was rollin' thru the hood in his candy apple paint caddy with 20 inch blades.
by G Unit1 October 18, 2007
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a typically poverty stricken area mainly governed by typical generic retarded people called gangsters who think that they own their "turf" but in

reality people aren't actually afraid of the hood because why live in the hood when you smart and and can move out of the hood instead of wasting 40 years of your life just taking up space on the earth you ain't proving your worth when you act like dirt
a smart dude in order to get to his destination has to pass through the hood
he gets stopped and asked by a thug yall kno where you are boi

the smart dude reply's yeah planet earth and runs them all over in stead of getting out of the car like a dumbass
by superiorbreed August 15, 2016
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