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The act of aggressively making a profit with finesse regardless of the consequences and obstacles.

The shipment just came in, let's make this JUUG.
The shipment just landed, let's make this JUUG.
by BLACKMARKET September 17, 2019
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A stupid person; it refers to the lack of surface area on an individual's brain. The general thought is that the more surface area (wrinkles, creases, etc.) a brain has, the smarter the person is. Conversely, a person with a smooth brain (no wrinkles) has less surface area and would therefore be stupid.
That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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Act of profiting off illegal or legal activities. Involves scheming, lying or tricking other party for a larger financial gain
dawg, my folks need that work, lets make dis juug.
by KiNG_KoNG11 September 14, 2010
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What people from Macomb call a Juul, a small nicotine pen that underage kids use for a buzz.
You're being ode right now, can I please hit your Juug?
by mrlawaves December 09, 2016
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"She gotta pretty smile, smell real good, the only time she needa mane is for that good juug"-boosie/webbie
by xratedB&D April 18, 2008
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