slang term used instead of 'need to'
dude you suck at everything u do u needa change yourself
by malikalts February 3, 2010
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This is when you need to do something or get something
" I needa go and get some shit from da store."
by Cory Kizzle May 31, 2005
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some dumb shit idiots say or text when they mean 'need to'
idiot #1-Hey dude, I needa get a new dildo to shove in my ass because my last one broke from over use, you wanna do with me?

idiot #2-Aight, I needa get a new sex doll as well.

idiot #1-Awesome, we can go together!
by dabuldr44 October 20, 2014
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A fiesty, waffle eating,kind,overthinking,compassionate fomo lonely worm

Always in for a good time

Random sense of humor loved by all
by User1246789540 November 23, 2021
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