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Act of profiting off illegal or legal activities. Involves scheming, lying or tricking other party for a larger financial gain
dawg, my folks need that work, lets make dis juug.
by KiNG_KoNG11 September 14, 2010
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To Straight Up Take a Nigga Shit(Car, Jewelry, Money, Ect.), Right In Front Of The Nigga Face. Not Stealin, But Juugin'.
Damn, Where You Get All This Money From? Oh, I Just Juug This Shyt From Oh Boy Down The Street. Nigga Flexin So I Took It. Ya Hemi Guy?
by Straight Up Guy August 02, 2010
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What people from Macomb call a Juul, a small nicotine pen that underage kids use for a buzz.
You're being ode right now, can I please hit your Juug?
by mrlawaves December 09, 2016
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"She gotta pretty smile, smell real good, the only time she needa mane is for that good juug"-boosie/webbie
by xratedB&D April 18, 2008
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A verb, used mostly in the south, meaning to stab. The term in and of itself indicates stabbing with any object that is handy, especially a writing utensil.
"Nigga watch fo' I juug you wit my pen"

"Watch if you don't back up off me, Ima juug you wit this chair leg."
by DL Smith June 21, 2006
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Another word for a woman's breasticles.

More specifically the view when your lady standing over you all 'high and mighty' and the two 'u's' is what her titties be looking like.
Woman: how do you like my carpet baggers?

Man: damn. them some nice-ass juugs

Woman: huh?

Man: shut up
by Wockawocka69 June 13, 2013
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To rip on or roast someone in a semi good natured way usually to the amusement of others including the recipient of the jokes; also known as clowning on someone.
Johnny was juugin’ on Alvin at lunch yesterday he had the whole cafeteria laughing.
by Melmel729 May 31, 2018
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