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when you feel irritated by something or someone.
usually happens to women during their time of the month
guy: I know a song that'll get on your nerves-
girl: stop it
guy: -get on your nerves-
girl: stop. it.
guy: -GET on your NEVRES!!!
guy: Whoa. Irritability much?
by GeoThirteen13 August 26, 2008
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Just about the funniest comic strip in existence, starring Chappy Chappy, the world's funniest homicidal RPG character.

Here be the address of episode #1.
Robot(He's not a robot, that's just his name): Wow, a sandwich! It's mine now!
Robot: Wait a minute. This isn't right. If Exoth left it unattended, then he must want me to eat it. It must have some kind of experimental poison.
(Enter Exoth, Evil Genius)
Exoth: Wow, a sandwich! (Begins eating sandwich) Iff mine now.
by SamThatBlokeInBognor May 19, 2005
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