When something or someone is totally gross and disgusting
Sam: that guy has just picked his nose and ate it!!
Hannah: ewwww
by Neanderkitty April 2, 2016
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A boy wants to have sex with other boys, very horny
That’s so sus ewwww
by Stotle Diaz April 19, 2023
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You see something disgusting and are mean enough to say this. Like if your ugly mean enemy offers you salmon eggs seasoned with squashed bananas and spider blood. I am giving you advice! LISTEN TO IT!😐
Ewwww no I DON'T want that disgusting meal!
by LitCatMeow December 26, 2018
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A word used by vile and abusive people when roasting innocent by-standing foul swines. This phrase was recently established in the year 2015 by two vile individuals, as a means of roasting and so called "reking" people if the occasion beckoned. There has already been multiple successful roastings through the use of this phrase. At this time we would specifically like to remember.....AAA, Allie Butt, Martin, Vienna, Harpoon the Pontoon and many more. The phrase is also commonly used in sporting situations when the crowd goes mental! For example, if a player was to miss a shot at goal then the response from the crowd could possibly be a long and dragged out: "BOOOOOOOOOOO EWWWWWWWWWWW!"
Person 1: "I dont deserve this harsh words! "
Person 2: "I think you deserve more BOOOO EWWWW!!!"
by gstary39 November 22, 2016
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Tyler is a jerk he will most often probably fight with a Gaby (one of the nicest people if youre friends with her)
Tyler likes to flirt with other girls such as a Sarah or Someone else. Tylers last name probably starts with a L.
He probably has curly hair.He is a complete ass. Tyler will try to steal your girlfriend and if you see a tyler punch him in his stomach.
Person 1 " i hate tyleer"
gaby and tyler fighting in back round---
person 2 -- "i see a tyler hes a jerk !"
person 2 punches tyler in stomach-----

Tyler will try to steal your girlfriend and if you see a tyler punch him in his stomach.
by Rue_007---asjdnsh March 22, 2022
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