Newman is not an aquatic animal but in fact a living breathing human. Newman usually have exceptionally good looks, which make people hate on him. Sometimes Newman's looks can even get the boys to turn gay towards him. Even though Newman sometimes gets bullied, he is still a strong individual. Newman is an overall great person and someone you should definitely hook up with if you get the chance. Most of the time, Newman is used as a surname, but people who have Newman as a surname are betas. People who have Newman as their first name are the true alphas. Newmans' usually have the best taste of music. If he recommends you a song you should definitely listen to it.
Person 1: Damn I hate this bitch Newman, he's stealing all the hoes. I don't want his sloppy seconds.
by artifishal November 15, 2019
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Jerry's fat annoying neighbor on the show Seinfeld, he works as a postman and he is a good friend of Kramer, and sometimes joins Kramer in his "get rich quick" schemes.
Newman is also responsible for bringing fleas into jerry's apartment as seen on the show.
His actor is Wayne Knight.
Newman: Hello, Jerry.
Jerry: Hello, Newman.
by Mario-Dx August 15, 2007
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Hairy, slutty girl who often tries to get with two guys at the same time. Girl who likes to touch dicks simultaneously.
One night, newman went after both me and my friends dick.
by johnlewis42 January 28, 2009
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1. Newman: And you better pay for that chicken.

2. Newman: No, but there's karma Kramer.

3. "NEWMAN."
by Samama January 01, 2008
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