13 definitions by Sahara Desert

To lotion yourself after a shower, go back into the shower and then lotion yourself again
I wanted you to relotion yourself after that second shower
by Sahara Desert September 29, 2009
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A town in Upstate NY. It is a very crumby town. It is very diverse and it has a great park avenue. The girls here suck. Most of the hot ones come from suburbs like Greece, Pittsford, and East Roshester. Anyways there is a lot of violence in the cut ecspecially in the east and west side. The east side has a lot of bad latino gangs that harass people and they are known for selling drugs and stealing parts from local hondas. They usually sell them back to you painted because they are good painters. On the west side there are a lot of African American and Vietnamese gangs. The worst African Americans are located on the Dewey ave. region from what I have heard. They are known for their ruthless ways. They sell drugs but the Latino's are much more efficient. They are also known for their crappy old cars riding on 22's. Also dont get in the way of their chicken dish becuase they will defend their chicken at all costs ecspecially when they are tuning into "crunk music". The Vietnamese are located on the west side also. They sell drugs ecspecially ecstacy. That is why they have twin turbo 350z's and Infiniti's at such a young age. The white people are known for their prostitution rings. It is true the Lyell ave. region is flooded with prostitutes looking for an easy buck. Other than that it is an okay town.
Person 1: Dude what should we do for Spring Break?
Person 2. I have a buddy from Rochester he can hook us up with that pill.
Person 1: Really? Sweet! Is Rochester better that Syracuse.
Person 2: Hell yeah! They have the Rochester Rhyno's and the Buffalo Bills camp not to mention the Rochester Plate.
Person 1. Cool sounds like a plan. Let depart for Rochester in the Morning before this Vicodin kicks in.
Person 2. Dude are you alright? Dude! Dude! BILLY NO!!!
by Sahara Desert December 23, 2008
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1. Rasha mean Gazelle in Arabic.
2. A very hot Lebanese girl that you initially believed was Christian but turned out was a Muslim and broke your heart. It's not going to be easy to convert Rasha to Christianity. I'll still bang her though.
Person 1. Damn Rasha looks good.
Person 2. I know she is a Muslim too and I never saw her with a Hijab.
Person 1. Damnit I really wanted her to be my wife.
Person 2. Hahaha you are a loser!
by Sahara Desert December 23, 2008
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1. When someone get filled with fear that they actually cum.
2. When someone is very scared as if they are in the most climactic moment of fear that you smell humanitarian feckle matter in the atmosphere.
1. That Vietnamese kid with the glasses had such a is having such a feargasm man.
by Sahara Desert December 31, 2008
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1. The flap of skin supported by dense cartilage in order to increse the dynamicy of ocean dwelling wildlife. 2.A bitchy white lady from rochester.
1. The finn of the shark is the best part to make soup out of. 2. Make sure that you hand in your project or that lady would become a finn.
by Sahara Desert December 22, 2008
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1. to get on someones nerves by unwanted behavior.
2. to make mad by bitching.
1. Boss is trying to Annoy her by asking for her number many times

2. she annoys the fuck outa me with her yapping.
by Sahara Desert December 23, 2008
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1.the number cause of global warming.
2. a herd of animals that have been eaten for thousands of years by humans.
3. an animal whoes shit smells ten times worse than the toilet at its badest.
1.damn cows emitting all that CO2
2.eating Cows, its so easy, a caveman can do it.
3. dude man someone laid a number 2 on the toilet, it smells like cow doodo
by Sahara Desert December 16, 2008
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