13 definitions by Sahara Desert

To lotion yourself after a shower, go back into the shower and then lotion yourself again
I wanted you to relotion yourself after that second shower
by Sahara Desert September 30, 2009
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1. To indicate duties or obligations. To express warning or disapproval to ecspecially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitious manner.
2. to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to.
Chick 1: I admonish you to talk to Liasor.
Chick 2: Really you actually thick I have a shot with him?
Chick 1: Yeah sista you know you be workin it!
Chick 2: Yeah I've been practicing.
Chick 1: I can tell! He be liking them thick hoes though.
Chick 2: K then lets go to McDonalds.
by Sahara Desert December 24, 2008
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1.A condition that occurs when one is in deep thought while looking in the same direction for a long time.
1. OOh i think boby is daydreaming about that girl sexy ass.
2 Where?
1. right in front of him
2. oooooo
by Sahara Desert February 11, 2009
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1. When someone get filled with fear that they actually cum.
2. When someone is very scared as if they are in the most climactic moment of fear that you smell humanitarian feckle matter in the atmosphere.
1. That Vietnamese kid with the glasses had such a is having such a feargasm man.
by Sahara Desert December 31, 2009
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1. to get on someones nerves by unwanted behavior.
2. to make mad by bitching.
1. Boss is trying to Annoy her by asking for her number many times

2. she annoys the fuck outa me with her yapping.
by Sahara Desert December 23, 2008
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the dirtiest part of literature often used in school
when students read books in school, they often avoid the english part of it.
by Sahara Desert December 3, 2008
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1.the middle of the day or night
2.a type of clock where the direction that you face becomes 12 O'clock.it is usually used to secretely point out the location of a hot girl, or anything of that sort.
Example 1.
dude 1. yo what time is it?
dude 2. its 12 O' Clock
dude 1. Which one?
Dude 2. in the afternoon.
dude 1. Word?
Example 2.
JO. yo there is a chick over there with nice tigobigees
Me. where?
Jo. 12 O'Clock
me. Sweeeet
by Sahara Desert December 17, 2008
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