1. An universal adjective used commonly to express sheer perfection in any way imaginable.

2. A really smart person with bad intentions.

3. A replacement for any word considered to be profane.

4. The fundamental basis on which evilgeniusometry is based.

Also See Becca Erickson
1. The plan for world domination was evil genius in every way!!

2. That really smart person with bad intentions is evil genius!

3. "What the Evil Genius!?" She exclaimed

4. Becca + Any scenario ever = an evil genius experience
by Banecrewa May 19, 2009
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Trazen dude See Trazen or dude
Trazen, or some other reference to this awesome guy
by Ian March 8, 2005
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A young male, generally from pre-pubescent to adolescent stage, who displays exceptional intelligence and/or handiness with electronics and science. This is the most common type of young genius and is distinguished by using their inventions, usually death rays or attack robots, for wrongdoing.
That evil boy genius just had one of his robots steal my grilled cheese!
by 'Annony' June 1, 2005
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