Shortened name for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Most commonly used by Hoosiers (people from Indiana) and Midwesterners. Also called Naptown, The Crossroads of America, The Circle City, I-town and the big 317.
The Indy 500 is an example.

passenger in the car: "Hey, where we going dude?. We've been driving through hours of cornfields""

driver: "Indy."

passenger: "Damn."
by April 7, 2008
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Something so awesome that it can hardly be described in any language formed by the human body, except through the word indy.
Kevin's Arctic Monkeys shirt is so indy that I want to give him $7.
by Scrimshaw May 6, 2006
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Indy is short for Independent. Such as Independent film, Independent music, Independent wrestling, ect. Indy is anything that's not "big" or main stream. Indy is usually the feeder system for these things, the next generation of film makers and actors are usually indy, as well as musicians and wrestlers.
There's an indy film festival this weekend.
Next up is some indy music.
This Saturday there's an indy wrestling show.
by Ben April 2, 2004
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A dumbass girl who thinks she is better than everyone else. She often uses “ but I’m adopted” as an excuse. Thinks it’s fun to start shit with people at 11:30 at night and then have to get backup because she can’t handle it. Her friends think they are total badasses. Just in general the dumbest person you will ever meet. If you meet an Indy don’t hesitate to run away or tell her to fuck off.
Indy: I’m WAY better than everyone in this room
Person: fuck off indy no one even likes you
by mmmmm sausage July 11, 2018
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An indy is a type of player in games like overwatch who uses unnecessary ultimate's and abilities. These players usually come equipped with an unhealthy ego and a knack for being a smartass. They also constantly use team chat to tell people how great they are at the game and will try to take command no matter what. They are small-minded and can easily mess up an entire game due to a retarded play (that they found on Reddit) just to get POTG. Indies can be easily countered by belittling them so much they either leave or look to you as an alpha.
"fuck man that was such a indy play. he sacrificed the whole team for his useless ult."
by Sashadeboss May 8, 2020
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Indy is a literal robot. Literal Android. They have a very advanced AI and are made by the polish secret service to spy on the American people
That Indy’s AI needs an update!
by PEE_PISSER497 April 19, 2021
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