short for Indiana, but more commonly Indianapolis
Indy Racing League and I'm going to see the race in Indianapolis
by Amber M January 14, 2006
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This girl is an amazing. She is one of the smartest, prettiest, funniest people you can ever meet. Unbelievably nice. If you've met her you are extremely lucky. She doesn't lie, she means what she says and doesn't like hurting people. If she likes you, you are blessed.
That girl is fantastic! She must be and Indy
by Ilybubilly January 05, 2018
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Abbreviated name for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The other nicknames for this city include The Circle City and I-Town. Indy is a large metropolis of roughly 780,000 people of all ethnicities and races, including Hispanics and Native Americans}. This is also the term used for a popular national racing event: The Indy 500.
Indy is home to The Colts, the Indy 500, the Indiana Pacers, IU, IUPUI, Vivica A. Fox, David Letterman, and 23rd President Benjamin Harrison.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 12, 2004
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People with their own style, particularly one that is criticized by others. They generally like Indie Rock music, and wear a lot of little kid's jewellery. They like to wear obscure things like coloured tights, fairy wings and things that are either far too big or far too small. They have or want wacky hairstyles and the second something goes out of fashion they claim it as their own. They rock!
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Brian Molko (Placebo), Scissor Sisters.
by clover December 20, 2004
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otherwise know as indystextastic, TRADE MARK

the worlds biggest trick. no, but seriously no one can out trick this hussy.

she enjoys the tast of pepto bismal, like a bitch.
and no matter where you go, you will find something that says: INDY RULES. but don't trust her. she's your common everyday street walkin, cum guzzler

indy <3 big dicks.
breanna: "indy, you're sucha trick.

creeper: "hey! im really go at doing tricks."

indy: *runs away like a bitch*
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Shortened name for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Most commonly used by Hoosiers (people from Indiana) and Midwesterners. Also called Naptown, The Crossroads of America, The Circle City, I-town and the big 317.
The Indy 500 is an example.

passenger in the car: "Hey, where we going dude?. We've been driving through hours of cornfields""

driver: "Indy."

passenger: "Damn."
by krock1dk@yahoo.com April 06, 2008
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