This girl is an amazing. She is one of the smartest, prettiest, funniest people you can ever meet. Unbelievably nice. If you've met her you are extremely lucky. She doesn't lie, she means what she says and doesn't like hurting people. If she likes you, you are blessed.
That girl is fantastic! She must be and Indy
by Ilybubilly January 5, 2018
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1. Racetrack that hosts the Brickyard 400, Indy 500, and US Grandprix
2. The famous 500 mile race
by joe c August 8, 2003
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The type of boy that’s cool got good hair , handsome and loves sport . He has a lot of friends , but be careful he gets angry . Ask him if you want to be his friend , he will say yes .
Indy is cool
by Jasón.F November 12, 2019
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Slang name for Indianapolis. Other names for Indianapolis include: Circle City, I-Town, and The Heart of America. The capitol of "Indiana." Has been increasing in population to become a thriving "Urban City" and one of the largest cities in the United States (check census). Is known for its crime rate, hospitality, and for its low cost of living. Home of the Pacers, Colts, Indy 500, and the Black Expo.
Ignorant Bastard: Where is the corn?
Indy born: What do ya mean whurr is the corn?!? Nigga this is Indianapolis... 317 is whurr you at... no corn herre.
by Michael Johnson February 7, 2004
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short for Indiana, but more commonly Indianapolis
Indy Racing League and I'm going to see the race in Indianapolis
by Amber M January 15, 2006
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Abbreviated name for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The other nicknames for this city include The Circle City and I-Town. Indy is a large metropolis of roughly 780,000 people of all ethnicities and races, including Hispanics and Native Americans}. This is also the term used for a popular national racing event: The Indy 500.
Indy is home to The Colts, the Indy 500, the Indiana Pacers, IU, IUPUI, Vivica A. Fox, David Letterman, and 23rd President Benjamin Harrison.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 12, 2004
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Asian,pro gamer, and a epic person. If you find a wild Indy he will looking for dumplings.
Yo lets find a Indy and have a awesome time playing games. But we suck at games, I know but Indy can carry us in Rainbow 6 Siege.
by buttbuster696969 June 22, 2019
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