An indy is a type of player in games like overwatch who uses unnecessary ultimate's and abilities. These players usually come equipped with an unhealthy ego and a knack for being a smartass. They also constantly use team chat to tell people how great they are at the game and will try to take command no matter what. They are small-minded and can easily mess up an entire game due to a retarded play (that they found on Reddit) just to get POTG. Indies can be easily countered by belittling them so much they either leave or look to you as an alpha.
"fuck man that was such a indy play. he sacrificed the whole team for his useless ult."
by Sashadeboss May 08, 2020
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Asian,pro gamer, and a epic person. If you find a wild Indy he will looking for dumplings.
Yo lets find a Indy and have a awesome time playing games. But we suck at games, I know but Indy can carry us in Rainbow 6 Siege.
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by buttbuster696969 June 21, 2019
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shes quiet bitchy and shes a boy stealer.
basically she will ruin your life but who knows they MIGHT change she most likely a vsco girl and a spoilt brat who will probably have equally bitchy friends

if your and indy FIND YOU OWN MAN

and get better friends with a better attitude
"omg its indy"
"omg shes flirting with my boyfriend"
*boyfriend chooses indy*
*iternal deppression*
by Draegqween October 12, 2019
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As a person Indy is a strong and fit man. He is amazing at sex and very suductive.
Oh my god I met a guy called Indy.

I had the best sex with him
by Isig mewmexzjma December 21, 2018
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A kind of imbetween of pikeys, chavs and goths. or anything. someone who has their own style and likes their own things in life. basically an INDIVIDUAL.
Someone who likes football, rock/punk music at the same time. may wear some chav brands like nike due to being needed in the sporting world.
by Sam Willis March 16, 2005
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Incredibly intelligent people who subscribe to no particular political party's dogma
Indy kicks Lil Davy's ass everyday on the Hardball BBS
by Lil Davy August 29, 2003
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