that time of night when you just want to tap something, but you aren't too particular about who it is. Used as reason for sleeping with someone you wouldn't normally. Also note that as the time gets later, say 12:30, the girls or guys get even worse...
Sara- ew. you slept with her?
John- it was an 11:30. just needed to tap something and she was there ;)
by 11:30 lover. August 5, 2008
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When it's 11:30 at night and you're desperate to tap something so you sleep with someone who you would regularly dismiss. As it gets later the girls/guys get worse and worse...
"You slept with SARAH?"
"Ugh. Don't say that. She was just an 11:30."
by 11:30 July 28, 2008
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When a guy hangs out with all the boys the whole night but when 11:30 rolls around he goes and fucks some chick and she will probably end up suckin his thang too. fuckin tool
-yo atom how lucky is that niggy tyler.....fuckin 11:30 man.
by Patrick C aka harry ballzonya September 16, 2007
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The 11:30 meeting is the office meeting that takes place every day at 11:30am. Also known as lunch. This term was created by the legendary Hoodrats of The Document Source @ Southeastern. It has been known to cause Freshman 15 and closets naps between shifts. If not prepared for, it may cause delays in starting the meeting. This has lead to many hurt feelings and the sensation known as "Hangry". It is important that this meeting start on time and spared no expense.
Hey Mr Josh, what we doing for The 11:30 Meeting today?
If yall don't decide what we doing for The 11:30 Meeting, I'm gonna lose my mind!!
by DeepSouthLyricalGangsta January 7, 2022
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the time enhypen was formed <3
one, two, connect! hi we are enhypen! 11:30
by jongseongsworld August 29, 2022
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