Asian,pro gamer, and a epic person. If you find a wild Indy he will looking for dumplings.
Yo lets find a Indy and have a awesome time playing games. But we suck at games, I know but Indy can carry us in Rainbow 6 Siege.
by buttbuster696969 June 22, 2019
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As a person Indy is a strong and fit man. He is amazing at sex and very suductive.
Oh my god I met a guy called Indy.

I had the best sex with him
by Isig mewmexzjma December 22, 2018
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i was up in nap-town last week... aka indy
by hoff33 December 12, 2004
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Incredibly intelligent people who subscribe to no particular political party's dogma
Indy kicks Lil Davy's ass everyday on the Hardball BBS
by Lil Davy August 29, 2003
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Indy is short for Independent. Such as Independent film, Independent music, Independent wrestling, ect. Indy is usually an acronymn for low budget films. Some may use it for music (see underground for independant music) or wrestling, but not often. Becuase if used more often for other things such as music or wrestling the term becomes to close to Indy racing. So the term Indy manly shows up more with term "Indy Films" or "Indy Movie."
That indy movie Pi rocked!
by Jack February 4, 2005
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A mobile guiness disposal device often found near sushi bars
Where is the Indy? Over there looking for the sushi bar.
by Phil January 12, 2004
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