Something so awesome that it can hardly be described in any language formed by the human body, except through the word indy.
Kevin's Arctic Monkeys shirt is so indy that I want to give him $7.
by Scrimshaw May 05, 2006
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SKATEBOARDING: rotating in the air while holding with one hand to the middle of the board. Measured in degrees.
Ollie, then do a 540 indy.
by Niki The Russian January 21, 2004
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A dumbass girl who thinks she is better than everyone else. She often uses “ but I’m adopted” as an excuse. Thinks it’s fun to start shit with people at 11:30 at night and then have to get backup because she can’t handle it. Her friends think they are total badasses. Just in general the dumbest person you will ever meet. If you meet an Indy don’t hesitate to run away or tell her to fuck off.
Indy: I’m WAY better than everyone in this room
Person: fuck off indy no one even likes you
by mmmmm sausage July 10, 2018
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Indy is short for Independent. Such as Independent film, Independent music, Independent wrestling, ect. Indy is anything that's not "big" or main stream. Indy is usually the feeder system for these things, the next generation of film makers and actors are usually indy, as well as musicians and wrestlers.
There's an indy film festival this weekend.
Next up is some indy music.
This Saturday there's an indy wrestling show.
by Ben April 02, 2004
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someone who is cool and independent
"see that girl over there on her skateboard, she's so indy"
by indysk8r October 03, 2018
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Indy is a sexy person who is one in a million u will only meet a her once in a time if u hurt her she will hurt u worse
She's a bad bitch who will run this shit and she can be bitchy very but know she loves u and will ride for u and this thick goddess has a phat booty ❤️
Man I really wanna go ask Indy out she is really that bitch
via giphy
by Katt valentine August 16, 2018
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The type of boy that’s cool got good hair , handsome and loves sport . He has a lot of friends , but be careful he gets angry . Ask him if you want to be his friend , he will say yes .
Indy is cool
by Jasón.F November 12, 2019
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