A mature fuck boy, who figured out it is time to settle down with one hottie. Still has all the same traits as a fuck boy, but does his 2:00AM booty call by poking at the same person. A fuck man knows he is still fly, and is the shit. He is just smart and settled down with one woman.
Ron is a fuck man. He is happily with his wife, but in the middle of the night he tries to get some action and knowing his game is strong he pokes his willy at his sleeping wife. When she awakens she says "Fuck man, put that thing away, I was sleeping and you already got some tonight"
by KCCORon January 16, 2018
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1) Someone who's job it is to fuck
2) Like the man but far more superior
1) I just got some action off the fucking man
2) I am so good, I am the fucking man
by Lee June 22, 2004
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“No fuck man”- kick narimsu
by Wavex4DSoles January 7, 2019
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Joe - I gave my girl a WTF man last night and she was pissed.

Definition: A What The Fuck, Man? is a sexual position similar to the Superman, or Spiderman or Batman. However, you pull out as your about to cum, cum in your hand and throw it in the air and say WTF, man
by Sir Bonerfart April 10, 2018
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A combination of slang to use when you're in a stressful environment and you can't comprehend it. Typically used when playing video games.
*Gettin ganked by shyvana*
Aargh shit man.
*Gettin killed by shyvana*
Fuck man dude! He got me, Jeff
by DeepResjon March 21, 2022
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A man who does something (like eating chips or watching tv) while having sex.
My husband is a fuck man do as he is playing flappy bird when I am sucking his penis.
by pisslicka June 13, 2014
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1. To defy authority; usually a government entity or employer. However, any person, organization, group, etc. that oppresses someone may be considered "The Man."
1. I'm not going to work today because my boss is a douche-tool. I'm going to "Fuck 'The Man'".

2. I'm not going to pay my federal or state taxes because I don't think I should have to pay for other people's things or pay the government to do things I don't approve of. I'm going to "Fuck 'The Man'".
by Mr. Steveneven April 21, 2011
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