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what fucktards say for "to" or "too"
by ad December 17, 2003
Preparation of cocaine for snorting by chopping into a fine powder and arranging into lines on a smooth surface ussually using a razor or credit card.
I just racked up a fat one on the toilet seat yeah... damn i fancy some more allready
by ad September 6, 2003
golden sphere in the "Pridain Chronicles"
dunno, read the fekkin series
by ad January 15, 2004
An remarkably flexible word which can be applied to anyone virtually who is a teenager and has not made any visible efforts in their dress to appear 'alternative' or 'individualistic' or more accuratley isn't wearing solid black.
Very often apllied in derogatory tones by well off kids to describe young people who bear any signs of being working class ie gold earings, cheap clothes, old trainers.
I went out wearing ridiclously large trousers and a top saying 'f**k god' to try and get attention and the townies took the mick out of me. Boo hoo
by ad September 6, 2003
A dance movement which involves flexing a part of body (pop) to a certain beat. Pop and lock has nothin to do with breakdancing you dumbass
I pop and lock to the beat of the music.
by ad July 23, 2004
A womans Vagina, used in a sexual way.
Dom: Hey man did you get that womb last night?

Adam:Yeah, you know old boy, i got that..
by ad March 8, 2005