n. when one makes a demand in the form of a suggestion. "Indictate" is a portmanteau of "indicate" and "dictate."
Dad: I was thinking, bud, that maybe you should get onto finding a job soon.

Son: Thanks for the friendly indictation, pop!
by A J D Jones February 02, 2008
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if someone is indicted for a crime, they are officially charged with it.
He was later indicted on corruption charges
by kaami June 04, 2014
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Something dealing with jail time and crimminal offence.
50 plants of Marijuana is the indictable quantity in the USA. You must grow only 49 marijuana plants to avoid severe charges.
by Creative Nes April 06, 2016
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The hard-on one gets when current or former Trump administration officials and known associates are indicted.
I got a raging indictment boner when I heard Roger Stone was indicted
by JackBear February 01, 2019
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Indictment Season- A time when all criminals get busted for their crimes throughout the entire year, or even over a course of years. Mostly for drug transporting, murder, prostitution, or selling to C.I.'s ( Confidential Informants). This season usually takes place in the summer or early fall, sometimes winter.
Guy 1 : Damn bro, I keep seeing unmarked cars today.
Guy 2: Yeah i know bro, It's really indictment season around here right now, so if you doing anything, you better stop.
Guy 1: I aint worried bout no pigs, F--- 12. I smoke my gas (potent weed) and mind my business.
Guy 2: Yeah well just remember what i said, stay out the way bro.

Girl 1: Oh my god y'all! They just had a drug bust across town!
Guys 1 and 2 : Damn!! We was just talking about that!
by Grooveybby October 08, 2019
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