although not hidden is often missed by the average joseph, Entry to the hall undergoes intense scrutiny by a select few. Hall of Fame has been damaged in several falls to the ground often occuring in visitational rights revoked. in order to alienate visitor even more, another game? is put in effect where members leave visitor in bathroom to ponder what they just said...
Foug - ha ha *bang*
C - *stares*
noiD - aNother gAme?
by foug January 16, 2005
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A female that is extremely adept at giving fellatio, sucking dick, polishing cocks etc.

Dervied from the notion of oral sex being third base, and there in the enshrinement into the Hall of Fame for exceptional play at the position.
Cory : Wow, what a first date, Michelle was fucking Mike Schmidt on my cock last night. She's fucking George Brett with a dick in her mouth. Couple more like that and I'll have to enshrine her as a Hall of Fame Thirdbasewoman.

Allison : She ain't shit, unzip your pants and I'll take you down like Brooks Robinson.

Cory : Please, last time you blew me it was like Scott Brosius meets Jerry Hairston Jr.

Allison : Ouch.
by The Rockit February 24, 2010
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Referencing a collection of infamous "Phils" who are carefully scrutinized under the following criterion: obesity, baldness, body hairyness, stupidity, blue collar career choices, and overall dubiosity; thus ruining the future procreation efforts of all other "Phils."
Phil Margera, Phil Collins, and Phil Bradley were inaugural members of the "Phil Hall of Fame."
by PY February 24, 2005
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An epic MILF, who's ultimate MILFness will go down in history.
Dude 1 - "Demi Moore is a Hall of Fame MILF, academic nerds across the world have had to rip out some pages of history, to make room for her entry, as an important MILF of epic proportions."

Dude 2 - "No way, seriously? I am glad those history geeks have finally done something right, especially after the fuck up with The Dark Ages."

Dude 1 - "Yeah - they had to get rid of the history of Belgium to make room, but no one will notice apparently."
by Mr. S. Biscuit April 22, 2010
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People that haven't seen the light of the sun in ten years, similar species to trogladyte (cave-dwellers) in the sense that they dont leave their habitats (the indoors) unless forced out by there parents because lord knows they arent generating income when they are NFLC Hall of Fame members
God, Im so glad I'm able to touch grass and not be a NFLC Hall Of Fame user like Mikey or Boolin.
by walooapai February 12, 2022
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The only possible destination for Major League Baseball steroid cheaters.
If Barry Bonds becomes an actor he might make the Hallmark Hall of Fame.
by tirtle January 31, 2017
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A ridiculous lie. Used by Youtuber Jidion
Lebron just signed for the Shanghai Sharks
„Bro, that’s some hall of fame cap“
by tombzp August 30, 2022
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