A slang used to end a conversation or get out of a bad situation, also a another way to say yes
Person: Did you wash the dishes?
You: Indently!
Person: Do you want some drugs?
You: Indently not!
by Turken September 13, 2017
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similar in every indentation; indented exactly alike.
"the four points listed under this heading are indentical"
by h4nd13 October 27, 2015
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Deprived from the word indentation. It means when u indentate something or "dint" it, during the act you can say stop indentating (thing being hit)
by JinchurikiDemon January 6, 2011
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Indent(N.) - a pain in the ass (both sexually and otherwise)
Indent(V.) - to cause pain in the ass

Indenting - to cause pain in the ass

Indented - to have caused pain in the ass, or to have been caused pain in the ass

(1) That kid is such an indent.
(2) I gave her an indent last night.

(1) He's going to indent me later.

(1) Stop indenting me and go annoy someone else.

(1) I indented the Officer with my refusal to comply.
by Gtboy4 October 27, 2011
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The indent is a small indent located above the asscrack. The Indent can in some cases provide pain, chafe, and bleeding. The Indent also contains the ripest body smell.
John: Man, my ass hurts
Jay: It's probably your indent
by Zaybuah November 15, 2016
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What you call really really small boobs on a chick because they're so tiny they're practically backwards.
"Did you guys see Julie, she has the opposite of tits, they're indents!"
by señormachosolo February 11, 2009
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When someone has visible abs not from working out but from not eating. Used to gain clout amongst girls but they aren’t real abs. Fuckboi’s send them to thots on snapchat
Person 1 “Shit bruh that guy doesn’t have real abs he’s just skinny as fuck”
Person 2 “ oh you mean that he has indent- abs. Indent-abs aren’t real and just abs gained from not eating shit
Person 1 “Word”
by Blakester04 December 31, 2019
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