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Frucky is the combination of freaky and funny pronounced "fru-k-i" and it means someting that is freaky but can also be funny at the same time freaky and funny.
by JinchurikiDemon January 5, 2011
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Jinchuriki is from the very popular ninja anime from Japan Naruto, its what the main character Naruto has in his body wich is a demon or in Naruto's case a demon fox with nine-tails.When someone has these demons inside thier body thier called Jinchuriki and are usually looked down on by Naruto's village.
I heard that boy is the Jinchuriki.
by JinchurikiDemon January 6, 2011
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Deprived from the word indentation. It means when u indentate something or "dint" it, during the act you can say stop indentating (thing being hit)
by JinchurikiDemon January 6, 2011
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