A guy who will tell a girl anything to get them to hook up with them. A complete jerk who flirts with multiple girls at a time and makes them all believe they're individually special. They tell a girl they like them and act like they're in love so that they can get something out of it like pictures, hooking up, sex, etc. Someone who should not be trusted and is the reason for a lot of people's trust issues. Dont fuck with a fuckboi.
Friend 1: Yoo is Ashley still with James?
Friend 2: Nah didn't you hear? He told her he loved her and then asked another girl out.

Friend 1: What a fuckboi
by Iheardaboutyouuuuu May 28, 2015
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Ghetto way of spelling "fuckboy". Ghetto slang for a bitch, prison slang for the guy who takes it up the ass. Does NOT mean a player that "braeks girls hearts ;-;". The phrase has been used for ages (especially by the Hip-Hop scene), so don't ask me why the fuck it's so popular right now.
Ex. 1: "Look at dem fuckbois tryna walk in our hood! Let's fuck em up!"

Ex. 2: Chris is Bubba's fuckboi because he knows that Bubba won't kick his ass if he let's him fuck it.
by thisplacesucksass February 24, 2015
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A guy who tries to get with everyone. A player. A guy who will lie to a girl to make them hook up with them or send pics. They think they are the shit when they aren't. A guy who will only date a girl for their body. A total ass. A guy that will make a girl cry and laugh, and a guy who lies when they said I love you
Hey turns out he was a Fuckboi
by Know it all January 24, 2015
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A term used to describe a man(child) who acts in one or more of these ways:

a) Acts like they are the hottest thing on this planet. At the same time, they are using aesthetics in place of their whole identity.

b) Feels entitled to women's attention even if he’s a complete creepy a-hole.

c) Will try and manipulate multiple women around him, but once caught, runs and hides for a while until ready to move back to (b) feeling entitled to attention.

d) Someone who doesn’t have his life together, but likes to blame it on others that are no longer in his life. Instead of owning up to his shortcomings.
Example 1:


Woman: “I don’t even really know you..., and I don’t rely on an aesthetic for my whole identity. So nice try fuckboi.” 🤣

Example 2:

Man(child): *Messages multiple girls at once for a hook-up while in a relationship*

Women: *Sends a selfie back with the other girls he messaged* “Go away, Fuckboiiiiiii!”
by Realitychecktime September 04, 2020
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A guy who just wants to fuck. He is not apologtic, nor does he respect the money, time, or feelings of others. He does not deduce whether his action may or may not be at the expense of his fwbs or significant others. May come off as shady, confused, lost, crazy, and then you realize he's a waste of your time. In reality, they may be a loser with serious issues that no one is truly fond of, and those who do hook up with him may not want to see his face again.
"That fuckboi told me to drive to the other side of town to sleep with him, and after I drove 35 miles texted me and told me he had a family emergency. Wtf?"
by nbild March 16, 2015
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A guy who just wants to get in your pants. Comes off as a nice person acting all good and will lie about things making himself look like he has never done anything dirty before or will. His ultimate weapon is the Questions game where he can than start off nice and casually talk about dirty things. When you talk to him you think to yourself "oh he's such a nice guy" but later on he will start to go from nice to bad and day things like "i never done this kind of thing before".
I was texting him in a messenger app and he ended up being a fuckboi
by ThePsycoPotato May 29, 2016
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def: The male equivalent of slut.

Coining "man-whore" as an answer to "whore" was lazy af. Like, almost as half assed as Flo Rida when he took his state's name, hit the spacebar, and called it his stage name."Man-whore"; it's bulky on the tongue and has consistently failed to be perceived as the male equivalent of 'whore'. Time to try again.

Slut. It's simple, succinct, acerbic, sexual, and has a connotation that makes radical feminists bitch about it endlessly.

The researchers assigned to create a male version of ‘slut’, came across "fuck boy" in the course of their extensive research. The phrase was drawn from Midwest Prison English dialect, so the team and I made a brief visit to Meynard Prison. There, we learned the meaning of fear as “Big Pat” (or Pat Ricide), explained that a fuck boy is “a lil bitch who ain’t shit. A weak-ass nigga who live on what real niggas give em”. A smirk at the end of his sentences suggested that the “things” “real niggas” give to fuck boys are not birthday cards and balloons; more likely, its one particular “thing”, adnausemen

So we’d found a phrase with a connotation of male sexual exploitation under oppression.

It was already succinct and sexual, so all that was left to do was simplify it into 1 word and replace the ‘y’ with an ‘i’, thus becoming both more emasculating and more French, which will irritate all the right people.

And fuckboi was born.
-Delta Cube: Couldn’t do shit on his own, bro, he only pulls cause he comes to our house parties and doesn’t hesitate at giving a hot cosby
-Rambda Gui: Bruh, idk. He’s just fuckboi.
by @Nero October 12, 2015
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