When having sex with a person with a colostomy or ileostomy bag. Additionally the three “natural” holes must be filled. These include oral, anal, and vaginal. So hitting “the four points” would be oral, anal, vaginal and ostomy (either colostomy or ileostomy).
Dude last night. I was with a girl and hit the four points!
by The Doctor of NY November 5, 2020
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The act of completing a piss, dump, puke, and cumshot in a public or non-public location.
Guy 1: Some guy just pulled off a four point play in the bathroom of the airplane.

Guy 2: He definitely just joined the mile high club.
by Commish88 December 18, 2010
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girl lays down on her back one guy is getting jacked off by her feet the next guy is tity-fucking her, next guy has it in her mouth, and the last guy is getting a handjob.
Other guy: Hey bo vice whatd you do last night?
Bo Vice: I totally scored a four-point play
Other guy: oh in basketball?
Bo Vice:no, me and these 3 other guys pulled a four-point play on this chick.
by vintagegray October 21, 2009
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A madass crew from Livo, consisting of 4.4 guys...Jase, Josh, Tony, Will & Nik. Also 2.6 chix Sarah, Nik & Megan. A guy called Damen thinks he's part of it n says he makes it "+1", making it "5.4".
Even if Damen was part of The 4 Point Four, the number would still be 4.4.
by e_l December 8, 2004
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Noun: 1) the Australian national standard of boat passenger safety
Captain: “Get in the boat, it’s not safe to be there while we are moving!”
Passenger: “F U captain, I have four points of contact
Captain: “True, carry on”
by Scurvy Sailor October 6, 2020
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