Clout is being famous and having influence
Wow - Rice, Mitch, and Banks have hella clout
by CLOUTGANGG September 7, 2017
clout is a cancerous word only said by edgy 13-year-olds who listen to way too much rap
"Yo, he got HELLA clout bruv innit eskeeeit!"
by The Meme Regime November 20, 2017
Something fake ass hoes always be worried about losing but they never had.

A mood.
"Don't you just love it when fake ass hoes decide to pull some dumb shit on social media. Like I honestly don't care but why tf would someone need so much attention... Fake ass hoes always be worried about losing clout they never had :)"
by tgupts July 2, 2018
Tyler: ay man you work on the project today?
Dylan: im way too cool for that shit
Tyler: damn, dude it looks like you're coming down with a bad case of clout
by cloutgang420weed October 18, 2018
To threaten to strike or to strike someone with your dukes as a warning to back off. It's the mighty clout you need to watch out for. You will know what a mighty clout is when recieved by another.
If you don't stop chirpen you will recieve a clout.
by schula August 31, 2009
Often used in Derbyshire meaning a womans vagina.

Frigginell she had a clout like a battered otter.
by BridgetJones September 8, 2006