When you aren't able to make up your mind, or having a hard time deciding something.
I didn't know what I wanted to do! I was completely indecisive.
by Liv Defines July 11, 2016
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When one sucks at choosing.
Why are you so indecisive about picking a movie?
by Nest September 29, 2005
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having the power to determine an outcome but not being able to decide on a conclusion / unable to make up your mind / can't decide.
by Danny_P July 04, 2010
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Man: Where would you like to get dinner?
Indecisive Woman: I dunno.
Man: Really? Anywhere is fine by me.
Woman: I dunno.
Man: All right, let's go to Le Truffle.
Woman: Fine.
(At Le Truffle)
Woman (under her breath): God, I hate Le Truffle.
Man: What's that? Is something wrong, honey?
Woman: Nothing.
Man: Really?
Woman: I dunno.
by Wallbridge December 20, 2005
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The issue of constant indecision in every aspect of your life. Not being able to choose anything, from which movie to see, or even what you want for dinner. Individuals who have this problem tend to be the ones you'll find telling you at dinner that they wish they ordered what you're having. This term describes those of us who struggle with pain of not being able to our minds day after day. It is a constant pain and hassle to every day life.
Jimmy couldn't decide between chocolate or vanilla, because of his indecisivitis we spent an extra hour at the ice cream shop.

Suzie couldn't decide if she wanted to see weezer or sloan, she took so long to decide that she ended up missing the presale for both. Her indecisivitis is really becoming a problem..
by andromeda11 January 31, 2011
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A person that can never make decisions at all especially when you want to go out it will take the whole day just to decide to stay in the house and watch una pelicula!!!<3
Venita is so indecisive!!! She is the worst person to make decisions with!!!
by Double D's 505 October 03, 2010
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