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The art of sarcasm typically directed from events that take place in the world. Much like a caricature of the human race. Usually it is done through comedy, but sometimes it is just as serious as the event itself. South Park is know for its satirical episodes. The Terry Schiavo case being one that sticks out.
Someone: "Did you see the South Park episode about the people coming back from the future and taking all the jobs away from the citizens because they worked for much less?"

Somebody: "Yes, it was chock full of satire about people complaining of immigrants and outsourcing."
by Nest December 6, 2005
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When one sucks at choosing.
Why are you so indecisive about picking a movie?
by Nest September 30, 2005
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When you are at a rock concert in a tight audience and the people around you lift you up onto the heads of the crowd around you. Then either all the people holding you up slowly pass you around or they all at once throw you to another section of the crowd. Usually the ride ends with security pulling you down and then you have to go to the back of the crowd and work your way back up to where you started from. Or the people you are passed to do not know you are coming and end up dropping you. The feeling when you are crowd surfing is as if you are simply floating up there. Even though there are about 10 hands touching your legs, ass, back, and sometimes head.
The crowd surfing was so cool, until i got dropped on my head.
by Nest November 17, 2005
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A term used to refer to something that splits up a group of friends. Usually that something drives the group to become annoyed and angry with one another until they all go their seperate ways. That something is typically a newcomer to the group that the rest do not like. Or that newcomer could be there to specificlly split up the group for their own sick pleasure.

This term came from the woman, Yoko Ono. Who is blamed for the breakup of The Beatles. She dated John Lennon. Yoko is said to have fought often with the other band members and did not keep her distance during recording sessions. She was the factor for The Beatles breakup.
Person: "Did you see the Buffy episode about how Spike infiltrated the group and got them all not speaking to each other?

Another Person: "Yeah, that episode was called 'The Yoko Factor'"
by Nest February 11, 2006
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