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1. Tacit Enabler - Supports another's bad habits by staying silent.

2. Overt Enabler - Supports another's bad habits by providing assistance such as money, transportation, approval, etc...

A person who supports another person's bad or dangerous habits.

Enablers tend to fear calling others on their destructive habits because these "others" tend to be friends, family or others close to the enabler.

Thus, rather than risk losing the love, respect, friendship or contact with the person, the enabler chooses instead to play it safe and watch the other slowly destroy themselves or others through their own actions.
1. Bob: Hey Mike, I'm gonna go to the bar, slip a little something into some bitch's drink and fuck her rotten in the bathroom!
Mike, the Tacit Enabler: (Noncommital grunt)

2. Bob: Hey Mike, I gotta bring this crack over to that father of four. Give me a lift?
Mike, the Overt Enabler: ...Yeah, hold on.
by Wallbridge November 18, 2005

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Indecisive. See: woman.
Man: Where would you like to get dinner?
Indecisive Woman: I dunno.
Man: Really? Anywhere is fine by me.
Woman: I dunno.
Man: All right, let's go to Le Truffle.
Woman: Fine.
(At Le Truffle)
Woman (under her breath): God, I hate Le Truffle.
Man: What's that? Is something wrong, honey?
Woman: Nothing.
Man: Really?
Woman: I dunno.
by Wallbridge December 20, 2005

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A big book that college kids use to sound smart when they have nothing relevant to say.
"Hey, what's another word for marginalize?"
"I don't know... look it up in the thesaurus!"
by Wallbridge June 28, 2006

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A type of sign that most businesses place in clear view of prospective applicants, despite their inexplicable desire not to hire help for any reason.
What the good goddamn is wrong with that restaurant? I applied to them four times in the last three months and they haven't called back yet, but that fucking "Help Wanted" sign is still up there!
by Wallbridge January 21, 2006

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A combination of the words "pissed" and "can't." A pisscant is a person who has problems in their life, but rather than trying to fix them, explodes in anger on something completely unrelated.
Mark hates his job. Though rather than confronting his boss or quitting, he yells at and beats his wife and kids. He's a pisscant, and I don't like him.
by Wallbridge January 18, 2006

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1. A person who seeks out and/or nurtures conflict within their life.

2. A person who creates drama in their life where there was none before.

Often describes an attention whore or a pity whore, who find pleasure in lording their pain over others and garnering support because of it. A martyr seeks out and revels in personal conflict so as to have an excuse to be angry.
1. Mary bought her husband a lifetime pass to Fantasy Football Camp, even though she hates football and hates when he leaves the house for a long time. She yells at him all the time because he goes. She's such a martyr.

2. Bob always takes my comments the wrong way. Why, just the other day I said his tie looked nice, and he said, "Nice? Why not great? Do you think it's ugly? Why do you hate my clothes? Why do you hate me?" Then he told everyone I was rude to him. What a martyr!
by Wallbridge September 19, 2005

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