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to embrace or understand
2- to wrap around
3- inside, contained within or inside the internal (usually used in the context of inner meaning)
1-I embottled this concept quickly
2-I must embottle this package with wrapping paper
3- I found the answer embottled in my inner psych
by JJ September 24, 2004
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i went to seek guidance from the anus master. I travelled 30 days to get to the himalayas. When i approached the anus master, i could feel a tingling in my rectum; i knew it was him. with the clutch of his fist he made me shit a metric shit load. it was truely humbling being in his presence.
by JJ January 12, 2004
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adj. An undignified loss of control, as in "To go apeshit".
"After losing the election, George went apeshit, trashing the Oval Office, the War Room, and the Clinton Memorial Bedroom."
by JJ July 13, 2004
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Infamous animutation star. First appeared in teh Japanese Pokerap.
Colin, he can reach them
Colin, he'll go far
With gardening, he'll reach you
and your only car . . .

from Conquest of Animutopia
by JJ May 15, 2004
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Game involving the systematic theft of orange street cones and strategic placement upon an unsuspecting victim's doorstep, yard, or vehicle under the cover of darkness.

Past tense: coned.
Ricky and the boys went coning last night; they got six houses with eighteen cones!

Past Tense: My car got coned three times this week!
by JJ October 30, 2003
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mexican drug lord who possess magical power and consumes endless beer
I always think about my fadam when i am taking a shower.
by JJ January 27, 2004
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nasty 'meat' eaten by old people, allegedly made out of Argintinian horses
by JJ April 23, 2003
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