Incest is best! It's a game the whole family can play.
Incest....It gives a whole new meaning to "family game night"
by HotokoChan July 17, 2009
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When your own mother takes your erect penis in her hand and and guides it into her warm, wet, hairy vagina on your birthday and squeezes your balls with her hand and your penis with her vaginal muscles while you perform intercourse until you ejaculate internally and leave her a dripping wet creampie.
My mom loves me!

We are all born of incest if you believe the Bible.
I had a great birthday!
by el gabong August 17, 2009
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Pretty much the whole city of Shawano, Wisconsin. See Inbred
Tyrell: "You notice everyone in Shawano pretty much looks the same?"
Devonte: "Well the town motto is, 'Why walk across town when you can walk across the hall?'"
Tyrell: "What does that mean?"
Devonte: "It means that your mom is your aunt and your dad is your uncle."
Tyrell: "I still don't get it."
Devonte: "Definition: Incest means your family members screw each other."
by ToFlyToDie March 14, 2015
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Fun for all the family. After all, the family that lays together, stays together.
Incest. Because sometimes narcissistic manipulation of your rugrats just ain't enough.
by Fearman March 25, 2008
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1. When you fuck someone who is related to you
2. What white-trash rednecks often do in their free time because no other woman wants to date them
3. A, for some reason, popular type of cartoon porn among hentai sites
4. What the Oedipus complex is based on
5. An illegal act that could lend you to 10+ years in jail, so be careful
6. What you technically commit every time you have sex, if you consider your 1000th cousin your relative
7. The reason we are alive today. Think about it, if the first bacteria family from 3 billion years ago didn't fuck each other then we wouldn't be here today
*example of incest*
I just fucked my 69th cousin
by Dubiks May 19, 2019
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doing it w/ ur mom or dad or sister or brother or grandma or grandpa or all of the above there are endless possiblities as long as they r related

audrey has alot of incestutious relations in her family
by caeli January 09, 2005
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The word you search on google images (with the safe-search option off usualy) if you want to get pr0n.
Search incest on google images with the safe search off if you want good pr0n man!!!
by Alex Bahder February 20, 2006
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