A person, usually a girl, who is extraordinary in every way, shape, and form. Her beauty surpasses that of any other girl in the world, for her beauty shines forth like a radiant sun. Her smile can light up an entire city for years it is so vibrant and beautiful. She is extremely sexy and beautiful even though she would never admit it openly. She's the kind of person who is shy at first, but when you get to know her, you find she is cute, funny, silly, and caring. Whenever you see her walking down a street, you can see the Angels that follow her with Harps at the ready, for when she speaks, her voice is like that of an infinite number of Harps being played by the most perfect Angels found in Heaven. Her love has no limits, her friendship extends even to those who have hurt her in the past. Every person who has met a Rosie just knows she will amount to something amazing in the future. Her laugh and giggle is highly contagious to those around her. Be warned: if you fall for a Rosie, she will steal your heart, but do not be alarmed, for it is in the hands of an Angel, and she will return the amount of trust and love you give her back to you, including the giving of her warm, loving heart.
Rosie is an absolutely amazing person, I love her!
Rosie, I love you, you are my soul mate.
by Spartan1932 August 10, 2011
An amazing person who is be your best friend, but could be so much more.
"Where are you going?"
"To hang out with Rosie,"
"Dude, you should date!"
"Nah, we're just friends. She probably wouldn't like me that way anyway."
by megadifferent April 8, 2013
A beautiful girl who is pure of heart and lovely in every way. Highly intelligent and sporty (not to mention incredibly attractive), a Rosie is a girl who is fun-loving and always tries to make everyone happy. Often possessing gold hair and large warm brown eyes, Rosie's have an amazing talent for performing on stage - she is talented at both singing and acting. She is always there to listen and console, or even just offer a shoulder to cry on; she is sweet and open and, though she may not realise it, very very popular! A Rosie will not forgive easily, instead keeping to her select group of very close friends and avoiding contact with the offender; however she is content to stay with friends whom she trusts implicitly. Rosie's also often fear being forgotten. However this could never happen as anyone who meets a Rosie will never forget her! Girls want to be her and both girls and guys alike want to be friends with her! A Rosie is perfect in every way.
Guy: Hey, who's she? She's stunning!
Girl: That's Rosie. She can do everything!
by Jenny-Jane July 14, 2012
Rosie is a beautiful girl who will always be there for you through the ups and downs of your life. A Rosie will generally either have Golden blonde hair with blue eyes or Chocolate hair with stunning brown/amber eyes. Rosie is usually a nickname given to a Rosemary. Rosie will look hot in anything she wears but Rosie's best colours are Green, Red, and blue. Rosie will be kind but agressive, modest or immodest Rosie can be a bit strange sometimes but who isn't? Rosie is very protective of herself and her friends and is not afraid to kick to get her way so watch out! If you are lucky enough to meet a Rosie make sure that you don't lose her because if you do you will realize that you have made a mistake!
Zoe: " look at Rosie, I miss her so much, I wish we were still friends :("
Sophia: "Im sure that if you apoligised that she would forgive you"
Zoe: " You are right Sophia I mean Rosie is so forgiving like that, Thanks!"
by Scarlett-is-my-crush September 4, 2014
Everyone likes her and she is so beautiful!she is sexy and is an amazing kisser.she is liked by everyone and if she don't like someone she will defiantly show it!
The best kisser oin the world is Rosie!
by cheese potato October 22, 2013
Rosie; a person (useually a girl) who is gorgeous in every way shape or form. Her beauty hovers over her like the wings of an angel yet she doesn’t see her own beauty. She has yet to know that the people around her envy her limitless beauty that she caries with the warmth of her kindness.

She is extremely intelligent and sporty, she quietly exceeds in everything life throws at her and struggles to realise how talented she really is.

She is quite shy at first but her true friends only know her as her bubbly and contagiously funny self. She is unbelievable kindhearted and always empathises with others around her before catering to her own needs.

She is a wonder of everything a perfect person could possibly have, she may not have had the perfect of lives but she is definitely the most perfect of friends.

Be careful though she may have some strong oppinions that she will fight for her life for. Do not betray Rosie because she will fight you with kindness and suddenly you will realise you are just turning into a unforgivably horrible persson who’s mistreating such a amazing friend that you didn’t know you loved so much until you let her go. Keep hold of Rosie she will be the friend that you still have after all the others drift away, she will stand strong and fight for you till her very last breath. Hold on to her she will be a true friend.
“If you could pick anyone to spend the rest of your life with who would it be?”

“Rosie, definitely Rosie. She is the only person I could chat to forever and never have an aguement with.”
by xxDaBestInitFamxx November 26, 2018
we all know a small, cute girl that eats loads but remains the same weight, in love with rock music and large animals called Rosie
Look at Rosie being all small and excited
by jamieboyjamie May 7, 2011