When two or more people from the same family love the other. Most people want you to believe that it's wrong and that it is an sin, but they are the ones who sining. It just like someone say who to love and who we can't. There are some people that do incest and have babys. now that is wrong.
1. My Cousin Kat looks so sexy in her's little bikini!
2. Isn't my Cousin Tara hot, Bro?
3. Tonight me and my little sis are going to fuck.
4. Me and mine Cousin are gay lovers.
5. incest is good.
by KNK November 01, 2006
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An act that is apparently less blasphemous than homosexuality, according to millions of Southerners.
I would commit incest before I fucked a guy!
by Alex Stockwell November 10, 2007
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You will find most incest cases come from Indiana's very own Riverton Park. They have rich history of this act in all of their lands. Legends say, such as Abraham Lincoln, they've been doing since they were born.
Having sexual relationships with your siblings or cousins is incest.
by Udunknow6969 February 04, 2017
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Having sex with a blood relative. Usually a result of living in a remote location with a population of 1-4200
The man had incest. In order to keep on the family
by Thotsavage68 November 06, 2018
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When you have sexual interests with someone in your family (cousin, brother, sister, etc)
Logan is having sex with his cousin! Should I tell Rosie? That’s incest!
by Parishiltonisshook December 03, 2017
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Brother: wanna smash
Sister: Sure
Both: Lets have incest to try to be from Alabama
*Alabama has entered the chat*
by Γ―Γ―Γ― March 11, 2019
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The only way to repopulate the Earth if the two humans left on the planet after an apocalypse or plague are male and female family members.
β€œIf an apocalypse happens and me and one of my female cousins were the only two humans left, we’d have to do incest to repopulate the Earth.”
by Thrasher325 April 19, 2020
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