18 definitions by Travman

What most women need beaten into them.
She needs some sense beaten into her.
by Travman December 10, 2002
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When some slut you screwed calls you up and tells you that she is pregnant.
"Damn, I should have known that I would get the sex hex."
by Travman December 3, 2002
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A dirty, disease-ridden slut.
Sandy is a stank ass hoe.
by Travman December 3, 2002
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The place where you go to bang cheap sluts
Las Vegas is the place to be.
by Travman December 1, 2002
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the art of saving a chair or sitting place, once you leave that spot.
i got up from my chair and called peanut butter schpaloozy, thus saving my chair for future use.
by Travman April 26, 2004
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