The feeling you get when experiencing a strong emotion such as sadness, frustration or love. A sensation of there being a lump or 'knot' in your throat.
Jamie: OMFG. Michael proposed to me yesterday!
Caroline: Fo real? I can't even!
Jamie: I know! I was so choked up, my throat was literally In Knots!
by UrbanGh0st July 19, 2016
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When animals mate, specifically canines--I'm actually not sure about felines--the penis enlarges during climax and remains enlarged to the point where he is literally stuck inside the female for as long as it the mating process goes on.

This happens to ensure insemination, and the male can ejaculate several times before he is shrinks down small enough to unmount. This is used as a kink of sorts in hybrid / abo fanfictions.
"Does this fic have knotting in it?"

"Is it a knot fic?"
by capurseus January 28, 2017
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Being fully penetrated by a canine penis, including the bulbous 'knot' near the base, causing the two creatures to be locked together until the male is able to withdraw.
Max's Rottweiler had knotted the bitch, so they waited a few minutes to separate the two.
by PoopsThatsATypo March 21, 2021
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A measurement of speed, used mainly by aircraft & watercraft.
The FAA Specifies that all aircraft must remain under 250 knots when below 10,000ft.
by Ether2001 July 22, 2018
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This is speaking of canid animals (members of the dog family; Canidae). A knot is basically a swelling of the Bulbus Glandis, a part of a canine's penis. The erectile tissue swells up during the climax of sexual intercourse and locks when it penetrates the female allowing it to inseminate into the female canine (probably because these canid animals miss when they hump the female so the semen will miss, I think).
Dirty Friend: "Lol. Look at that dog's knot. Now it's stuck with the female"
Other Friend: "You're disgusting. You're probably thinking about bestiality you furry freak."
by Pre-Writing March 14, 2018
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A wad of money; a stack of cash you keep in your pocket.

Bills can be folded, clipped, held by a rubberband etc. Preferably $20s and or $100s.
"Cash in the sweatsocks, check the sweatpocks, got a knot in there the size of an X-Box" - Cam'ron (It's Nothing feat. Hell Rell)

"I go get that paper, a mega fucking watch
I be pullin out knots, that can buy me a, yacht" - Lil' Scrappy (Money in the Bank feat. Young Buck)

"I used to play the block like that, i used to carry knots like that, now i got Black Cards, good credit and such, baby boy, cause i'm all grown up!" - Jay-Z (30 Something)
by gfunkdocta December 6, 2006
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1a. An intertwine of a rope or string, usually either by itself or in pairs, which often serves to fasten something together (i.e. lacing shoes) or prevention of i.e. beads falling from a string.

1b. The act itself of tying things together.

2a. The thicker or harder part of a typically cylindrical object (i.e. a log of wood).

2b. (1) The bulbus glandis at the base of i.e. the canine phallus.

2b. (2) The act of mating dogs becoming stuck together at the genital region as a result of the swelling of this organ during copulation.

2c. A firm, swollen area of the flesh often coinciding with a severe bruise.

3a. Shorthand for "nautical mile".

3b. A measurement of speed using this unit.
Ex. of 1a. - Tie this string into a knot.

Ex. of 1b. - Knot this rope as well while you're at it.

Ex. of 2a. - The knot in this piece of lumber makes cutting it rather difficult.

Ex. of 2b. (2) - Hey man, look! My dog just knotted the neighbor's dog!

Ex. of 2c. - Fuck, this knot on my forehead hurts really bad.

Ex. of 3b. - Our approximate speed is 20 knots.
by noreturnfrom86 February 17, 2020
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