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When animals mate, specifically canines--I'm actually not sure about felines--the penis enlarges during climax and remains enlarged to the point where he is literally stuck inside the female for as long as it the mating process goes on.

This happens to ensure insemination, and the male can ejaculate several times before he is shrinks down small enough to unmount. This is used as a kink of sorts in hybrid / abo fanfictions.
"Does this fic have knotting in it?"

"Is it a knot fic?"
by capurseus January 27, 2017
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Just before a dog cums the centre of it's penile shaft expands out. So the cum doesn't leak out.
Women into bestiality take great pride in being able to take the knot.
by tarzan August 02, 2003
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If you into certain things like β€œAlpha/Omega/beta” fan fiction you’ve probably seen this before.Its like when your penis expands and impregnates someone l.
Mingyu felt his knot growing and knew he was going to bust in any second.Julia felt Mingyu’s knot grow and loved the burning sensation it was giving.Then suddenly Mingyu cummed inside of Poor little julia.

Knotting was so delightful
by Candy cummerbunds October 15, 2019
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