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Similar to "Shotacon" in Japanese, Babyboy Culture is being sexually attracted to men who have an innocent "baby boy" look. They are usually babyish in appearance and act shy, but the shyness is what makes them so attractive. It is being cute almost excessively to the point of sex appeal.

Began in the K-Pop stan scene, where often times male idols have innocent faces but act sexy. Sexy cuteness.
A: Kihyun in Shoot Out is the definition of Babyboy Culture, bih.
B: Nah, he's too hot to be a babyboy.
by UrbanGh0st March 11, 2019

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The feeling you get when experiencing a strong emotion such as sadness, frustration or love. A sensation of there being a lump or 'knot' in your throat.
Jamie: OMFG. Michael proposed to me yesterday!
Caroline: Fo real? I can't even!
Jamie: I know! I was so choked up, my throat was literally In Knots!
by UrbanGh0st July 19, 2016

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