Big, round, and juicy.
1. Dat bitch got da bulbous ass.

2. His throbbing package was bulbous with desire.
by smackjer September 12, 2003
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"damn Joe, dat hoe bulbous"

"Ya boi I bulbous and I know it"
by sofa4444 January 15, 2017
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When one of the guys super glues his peehole so that his winsul inflates like a balloon. Often a sign of royalty in certain regions. A bulbous is meant to be prepped and maintained to keep the pleasant physical appearance.
Gorbachev asked his homies what was the best spot for glue and supplies because he was prepping his bulbous.

Pubey Anferne rolled up to the party with a fat forsaken bulbous. All the girls could tell he was regal AF.

Skimpy Louie just popped his bulbous and was running to Walmart for more supplies.
by GerthPaul March 1, 2023
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the state of being completely intoxicated from alcohol consumption
"Last night I got bulbous and wrecked my car"
by elementdan May 4, 2005
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The size of blue toads head in the super mario bros. universe
Toad has such a bulbous head
by Arzoli February 22, 2021
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A larger than average object or person
WOW Dummy David’s nose is bulbous
by Pax stax cashx September 15, 2019
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To be pregnat, carrying a child in the womb. A bulbous woman is round and joyful as she has a great deal to be happy about.
Where a woman is referred to as bulbous or 'with bulb' this indicates she is having a baby. 'I cant wait until I am bulbous' or 'Look that that bulbous woman'
by MadAsABadger June 30, 2006
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