An abbreviation of 'fanfiction' that has since expanded its meaning to include any piece of amateur written work, though is generally reserved for the online world.
I wrote a fic about this guy who got lost in the woods and is eaten by bears.
by valmora February 14, 2005
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short for fiction

means someone who claims to act and do something they don't to look cool
Person 1: Dude imma save up for some drugs tonight, I'm cool HUH
Person 2: Yeah sure, fic.
by lolwutterbutt September 14, 2008
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A fiction story, fic is short for fiction. A story. Can be based on anything, and found in places such as Live Journal or
"Have you read her fic on Live Journal?"
"What, the BDSM one?"
by Mazlove July 28, 2007
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Amanda: "Did you see his fic in that pic?"
by a what? i do! ooh dexter May 10, 2017
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VERB. The art of writing a fiction, fanfiction or story. Can be spelt with one 'c' or two.
PRESENT- ficcing
PAST- ficced or ficcing
PRESENT- "I'm ficcing right now, pass me that coffee"
PAST-"Dude, I ficced all last night," or "Dude, I was up ficcing all last night"
FUTURE- "I'm going to fic soon, but I need some inspiration..."
by Kateus January 1, 2006
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Was that good for you?
I'm ficed.
by Adrian April 19, 2005
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