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Why would you search this up? It's a NOT typical sexual relationship with an animal. This is the future of the other definition unless you are viewing this in the year 2025.
Deep Web User: Ohh... I found some cam girls on this animal bestiality website.
FBI: Ohh! And you're also about to be put in jail for selling it.
by Pre-Writing April 19, 2018
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A subsidized fast food restaurant that uses foot lettuce.
"Number 15: Burger King foot lettuce, the last thing you would want in you Burger King burger is somebody else's foot fungus," said Top 15s - Dillan is chillin.
by Pre-Writing April 19, 2018
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a virus that has been around for a while now (depending on the date). This a terrible non recoverable virus. It flashes light copies and inverts screens into each other. This Trojan completely destroys computers. I advise you to only use this on school computer and computers you want to destroy.
I ran the memz.exe virus at school today and was later expelled, but I won't ever regret it.
by Pre-Writing November 1, 2017
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Thots who post pictures on Instagram using Snapchat filters that actually belong on Snapchat and not Instagram.
Instagram Thot Hunter: *spots Snachat photo filter on Instagram posted by some Insta-Thots*
Insta-Thot: *dies*
by Pre-Writing March 14, 2018
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This is speaking of canid animals (members of the dog family; Canidae). A knot is basically a swelling of the Bulbus Glandis, a part of a canine's penis. The erectile tissue swells up during the climax of sexual intercourse and locks when it penetrates the female allowing it to inseminate into the female canine (probably because these canid animals miss when they hump the female so the semen will miss, I think).
Dirty Friend: "Lol. Look at that dog's knot. Now it's stuck with the female"
Other Friend: "You're disgusting. You're probably thinking about bestiality you furry freak."
by Pre-Writing March 14, 2018
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Wanna know how to get the ⍰ symbol? For current IOS softwares on iPhones and iPods all you have to do is go to the voice to text and then quickly exit the voice to text. The ⍰ symbol was a bug for the IOS 11.1 software version and has now been fixed :)
Trippie Redd - "Hey how did you get that ⍰ symbol?"
Cole Bennett - "I did this special trick only available to newer IOS softwares."
by Pre-Writing March 18, 2018
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a shivam is a straight up goon who has no feelings for one another. he will fight for rapist rights.
Hey look! Shivam is coming our way! Lets get out of here!
by Pre-Writing October 30, 2017
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