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Any motor vehicle purchased for the purpose of being used by a learner driver to receive their probationary license.
They're usually an older second hand vehicles purchased for cheap.
Terry bought a little learner beater from this dodgy bloke in Frankston a few days ago
by Ether2001 May 5, 2023
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Ground proximity warning system (GPWS) is a system designed to alert pilots if their aircraft is in immediate danger of flying into the ground or an obstacle, the GPWS also gives altitude call-outs when approaching a runway.
The GPWS starts to call out altitudes once the aircraft reaches 2500ft.
by Ether2001 August 4, 2018
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A measurement of speed, used mainly by aircraft & watercraft.
The FAA Specifies that all aircraft must remain under 250 knots when below 10,000ft.
by Ether2001 July 22, 2018
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