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"Corruption of Champions", a text game in which you are selected as “The Champion” and you set out to rid your world of demonic corruption, or inevitably become a part of it based on the choices you make. Within the realm of this land you will encounter horny goblins to fuck, busty succubi to fuck, and lustful hermaphrodites to fuck. The game was formerly developed actively by Fenoxo, who we all know as the ultimate god of erotic text games.
The abbreviation is pronounced "cock" ; this shortform naming is a bit of a running gag in Fen's games.
by noreturnfrom86 May 3, 2018
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What I sometimes call my dick, especially when it fires up into her void.
Come get on my rocket babe and let me take you to the moon.

Ooh fuck, my rocket is blasting off! Hold on tight!
by noreturnfrom86 April 16, 2022
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A numeral format consisting only of the numbers 1 and 0; other interpretations include "yes or no", "true or false", "on or off", et cetera. This format is largely used in devices where calculation is a key component; from a simple calculator to the most powerful supercomputers.

A number in this format is composed of bits, with each successive bit (from right to left) being twice the value of the bit "before" it, hence the alternate title of "base-2 number system". If there are "n" total bits, the value of the first bit will be 2 ^ (n - 1). This bit is the largest fraction, always greater than, but not equal to, half of the whole number.

The last bit in a binary number always represents "one", and this makes it quite important as well. If this bit is off, the number will be either even, or, if only one bit is present, just "zero". Turn this bit on, and the number will become odd.

Binary can be easily converted to a different format by partitioning the bits symmetrically, again from right to left. If the bits are split into threes, the number can become base-8 or octal, while being split into sets of four can make the number base-16 or hexadecimal. It is also possible to convert to base-10 simply by starting from the right and adding 2 ^ (i - 1) each time bit "i" is equal to 1, until you reach "n".
My current age is 10100. No, I'm not ancient, that's just another way of saying I'm 20 years old. The current year, which is 2020 at the time of this post, is also 11111100100 in binary.
by noreturnfrom86 February 17, 2020
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1. Referring to one instance of some entity, usually for the first time only.

2. Referring to some particular function or activity, or of the attempt thereof.

Also to note:

For words starting with vowel sounds, "an" is used.

For instances that have been previously defined already, "the" is used.

For new instances of a previously-defined entity, "another" is used.
1. A man walks in. He eats an apple. The man then looks up a lady's skirt. The lady slaps a face. The face belongs to the man and he lets out a wince.

2. Still the man gives her a try. "Looks like you could use a good fuck. Another man wouldn't give you such an experience." She finally agreed to give his dick a long suck while he gave her pussy a juicy kiss. They would never forget what a pleasure it was for them. The end.
by noreturnfrom86 April 16, 2022
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1. Any open threshold of an enclosed passageway, into which things or people may fall due to gravity (e.g. a garbage chute), be pulled by suction (e.g. a vacuum tube), or travel without any assisting force (e.g. a covered bridge).

2. A depressed section of the ground or floor formed in a controlled manner (e.g. excavation for i.e. building an in-ground pool) or in an unstable manner due to erosion (e.g. sinkholes) or material damage (i.e. a bathtub falling to the floor beneath).

3. An opening in vulnerable material caused by penetration (i.e. a nail in a tire) or surface wear (i.e. rusted iron).

4. A cavity that is otherwise filled by a mating object (e.g. a screw hole).

5. A psychological emptiness typically associated with grief (e.g. a hole in my heart).

6. (vulgar) Another name for e.g. the mouth or the anus.
Ex. of 2. - Take this shovel and dig a hole with it.

Ex. of 3. - I scraped my knee on the sidewalk. That's why there's a hole in this pair of jeans.

Ex. of 6. - You'd better shut your face hole, asshole.
by noreturnfrom86 February 14, 2020
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A black cat fursona, essentially the cutest kitty anyone can lay his eyes on. With those blue eyes, that shy demeanor, and that jaw-dropping feminine form, there is no way to avoid giving him a gentle stroke along his back, or a really good and harsh buttfucking. It all depends on how you decide to use him - he'll take it in any way he can.
"Nice to meet you! I'm Lith. Yeah..."
by noreturnfrom86 May 3, 2018
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1a. An intertwine of a rope or string, usually either by itself or in pairs, which often serves to fasten something together (i.e. lacing shoes) or prevention of i.e. beads falling from a string.

1b. The act itself of tying things together.

2a. The thicker or harder part of a typically cylindrical object (i.e. a log of wood).

2b. (1) The bulbus glandis at the base of i.e. the canine phallus.

2b. (2) The act of mating dogs becoming stuck together at the genital region as a result of the swelling of this organ during copulation.

2c. A firm, swollen area of the flesh often coinciding with a severe bruise.

3a. Shorthand for "nautical mile".

3b. A measurement of speed using this unit.
Ex. of 1a. - Tie this string into a knot.

Ex. of 1b. - Knot this rope as well while you're at it.

Ex. of 2a. - The knot in this piece of lumber makes cutting it rather difficult.

Ex. of 2b. (2) - Hey man, look! My dog just knotted the neighbor's dog!

Ex. of 2c. - Fuck, this knot on my forehead hurts really bad.

Ex. of 3b. - Our approximate speed is 20 knots.
by noreturnfrom86 February 17, 2020
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