When something is 'put into action' or 'working'. Usually used for machines.
by Mysterious X April 10, 2004
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1) Tool: a useful piece of equipment, usually a specially shaped object designed to do a particular task.

2) Law requirement: something needed in order to achieve something else.


1. Carry out or fulfill something: to put something into effect or action.

2. To provide or equip somebody with the tools or other means to do something.


1) Writing implements.
2) They still need to get that through implementation.


1) The plan has yet to be fully implemented.
2) The thieves were given all necessary implementations.
by Jafje June 14, 2007
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a misuse of the word "implemented", the past participle of implement, which means to put into effect, to apply, to put into action.
I noticed Urban Dictionary had not implementated the word "implementated" yet, so I submitted it. I hope it is implementated now even though grammatically it is incorrect.
by PearlDiddy November 6, 2015
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a tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment, used for a particular purpose.
"My nasal implement detects an abundance of faecal deposits in the approximate vacinity
by piemaster August 5, 2004
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implements are the three essential tools needed to smoke weed -- fire, some sort of pipe or papers, and the herb itself.
You ready? Let's go to the show. Don't forget the implements.
by brentmcd October 3, 2007
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1. Another way of calling someone a whore;
Calling someone a whore in a "nicer way."

Gardening Implement = Hoe = Hoe = Whore

Girl: She is a Gardening Implement!
Guy: I know she's a whore!
by Cool.As.Junk(; December 24, 2010
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