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(noun) Catch-all derogatory expression meaning ridiculous, lame, lucky, or a fluke. Most often used in exasperation by the party who has just been defeated or screwed over by a longshot, lucky bounce, or otherwise flukey play.
Maaaannnn, I can't believe you made that lucky shot. That is just so scrotismal.
by brentmcd April 11, 2011
In sports, when someone takes a shot or attempts a pass which is way off target.
Also, basically anytime somebody screws something up really badly.
Karl Malone really bricked that shot.
I can't believe how bad you bricked that repair.
I tried to ask that chick out, but I totally bricked on the conversation.
by brentmcd October 5, 2007
A surfer who lacks the appropriate balance required for proficiency, thus needing his feet to be planted wider than normal in order to not fall off the board. Usually a beginner or otherwise kook lacking style.
Look at that wide stance kook proning in the whitewater!
by brentmcd October 1, 2007
(verb): to succeed at doing something by luck or otherwise less than honorable means. A fluke. Most often used in sports. Like if you shank a golf shot, but it somehow goes in the hole anyway. Or if you call swish, but then the basketball miraculously goes off the backboard and through the hoop.
WTF? I can't believe you scrotered that last shot into the basket.
Clint Dempsey totally scrotered that ball past Robert Green in the World Cup.
by brentmcd April 11, 2011
implements are the three essential tools needed to smoke weed -- fire, some sort of pipe or papers, and the herb itself.
You ready? Let's go to the show. Don't forget the implements.
by brentmcd October 3, 2007