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The social, economic and political act of the reinforcement and entrenchment of ignorance in culture by engaging in conversations and correspondence that precludes actually knowing what the fuck you are talking about. A major skill for desperate people trying to keep their job, truly afraid of being seen as a pariah and becoming an outcast.
"Everyone's ignorating like crazy the worse the economy gets! But I don't waste my time being a 'splainer ' because it's all just a pathetic act of self-preservation."
by panic oasis April 24, 2018
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The Process of Making or Assiting in the Ignorance of another.
Unplanned Parenthood is in the Business of Ignorating Women about Abortion when they don't Fully Inform them of this Medical Proceedure, it's Consequences, not only Physical, but also Emotional.
by tha malcontent April 04, 2008
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