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This is about a girl i liked since 6th grade and that was 2 years ago. I have told her yes, that I liked her since then. It’s just hard for me because everytime she is on my mind or gets close to me my heart inside is beating insanely and I just I have to change the subject to something and I usually say something funny and get to see the beautiful smile she has and I just get dizzy and feel amazing. She has a boyfriend of course, but he doesn’t give her the attention she really needs. She talks to me, sometimes but it’s not the conversation you think it really just depends on her mood. I just really like or love the mood when she seems like she wants to talk to me. I just don’t know how to explain this to her because she usually just says “oh okay” when I tell her it. I’m just deeply in love with her I guess and I can’t get over it. I still remember when I told her I loved her and she said it back, and we are just friends. She is always on my mind even when I’m trying to learn she just passes through my thoughts and feelings. I sometimes cry because I’m overwhelmed by her and I feel like I lose her more and more. I don’t want to sound dramatic she just is perfect in every way. She is incredibly beautiful but her personality makes things go even better, I know her like she was my bestfriend even though she isn’t I still am thankful every second I have that I get to talk to her. I never felt anything until it came to her.

Some friends -Hey you still have feelings for that girl?
Me - It’s hard to explain.
by heartlessfiigure March 10, 2018
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To not be acknowledged by the person you really want to talk to. You know they are online but never try to give you a response. You start to feel sad and depressed emotions that they probably don’t care about you anymore. Then when they do reply back, it’s the most shortest reply. Then you become happy and don’t say anything about it because they atleast responded back to you so you text them like everything is ok.

Friend - Did she ever reply to you?

Me - Nah, but it’s all cool.
by heartlessfiigure March 10, 2018
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