How fucktards spell fiending. Actually, feigning is to act like something such as faking to care, sleep or orgasm.
typical wife: I was totally feigning my husband with my fake orgasms. Bahahaha!
by nerdier than thou August 22, 2012
Desperately needing or desiring something, usually in relation to drugs, alcohol, or sex.
I'm feigning for a cigarette right about now.
by Plain Jayne February 16, 2009
He feigned to be what he was not.
by Larstait November 15, 2003
To want something REALLY REALLY bad
Ever since I fucked that girl, I've been feigning for that pussy.
by heygirlhey3 April 11, 2009
Word used to describe one who is addicted to crack cocaine
WHERE MY MONEY AT?! I've been feignin' for some hard all week !!
by angerotten December 31, 2008
by June 3, 2022
To desperately crave something or someone.
by Mauuu September 5, 2017