10 definitions by em bee kay

1. feigning ignorance at another's presence, deeds or comments.
2. to willfully avoid a meeting, confrontation or thought.
obama decided it best to place wis wife's comments in a state of ignoration.
by em bee kay June 17, 2008
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The heinous act of murder caused by a believer of Islam using his own body to deliver a bomb.
the muslim was pissed he did not get his 72 virgins in heaven after his act of islamicide.
by em bee kay December 29, 2007
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to engage a smoke screen of nonsensical political type weasal words in the guise of openess to blur and cover one's negative actions, deeds or relationships.
the candidate completely obamafuscated his relationship to the pastor of his church.
by em bee kay April 29, 2008
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the state of confusion created to smoke-screen or cover-up when a candidate for the presidency screws the pooch.
as news of the purient, anti american, anti semitic, anti israel comments on the campaign website finally came to the main stream media's attention the senators team went into full obamafuscation mode.
by em bee kay June 18, 2008
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to eliminate, cut out, as if to surgically remove a person, friend, associate or crony from one's life.
barack had no choice but to obaminate the insane cleric from his life.
by em bee kay June 18, 2008
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the act of losing when well ahead in a race.
big brown and hillary clinton both chose to declintonate towards the end of both their important races.
by em bee kay June 18, 2008
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an email sent for the purpose of spewing anger, vitriol and complaint.
obama has thrown so many people under the bus due to the numerous e-bile messages rec'd about his friends and associates like the reverend wright.
by em bee kay August 29, 2008
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