Arresting ejaculation to avoid being caught masturbating. An unfortunate necessity for some learned in middle- or high-school often employed in adulthood (college). Aside from causing decreased self esteem this encourages untoward acts like masturbating under clothing or unzipping to masturbate potentially developing into marriage woes: erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
Trying to enjoy free access to a paid HD porn site, one hand on the mouse and one hand slid under the waistband, despite the exasperating penis constraint by fabric. On the verge of coming he heard his mom approaching his room. Cum preclude! He avoided jizz soaking through his clothes to cowardly masturbate another time allowing immediate participation in family activities for which he was summoned. The horror of interruption is not always sufficient to prevent boxer wiggle later.
by Amollishment October 25, 2012
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1. To preclude/prevent the act of cumming in order to indulge in more sessions of sexual acts.

2. To prevent the act of cumming for a duration of time as after ejaculation the erected penis of a person will become flaccid and they cannot engage in sex temporarily as the women can no longer feel a hard penis in her vagina.

3. When something like a fart or an awkward action of some sort interupts a couples intercourse making the male's genitalia go limp, thus ending the sexual act.

4. When in one session of sexual pleasures, you recieve a hand job, blow job, sex, anal sex (optional) and finish up with a tit wank. And only cum once at the end during the tit wank.
Sexy blond : (Whispers), Soul meets soul on a lovers lips.I just know where to touch you and I just know what to do ♥ *Kisses Dylan passionately while unbuttoning his shirt and running her fingers through his muscular shoulders*

Dylan : * Gently moves his warm hand from her tight ass to her breasts while caressing her hair and twisting his tongue around hers slowly before starting to kiss her eyebrows and slowly nuzzles his nose on her well shaped ears followed by gently kissing her temptingly sexy neck*

*She straddles Dylan with her smooth thighs and licks his chest all the way to his neck while running her fingers through his jet black wavy hair and gently playing with his lover lips with her teeth*

Sexy Blond : Carry me to the bed Dylan. i wanna take you around the world. (moans gently), the way your heart is racing.*Dylan slowly puts her on the bed and lifts up her blue skirt and starts to run his teeth on her thighs and soon after he grabs her slender waist and starts kissing her smooth back as she moans softly*

*Both of them undress each other while kissing every inch of each others hot sweaty bodies. She pushes Dylan on the bed and they lock eyes for a moment and very slowly and gently she begins to move her hand up and down his throbbing cock.*

Dylan :*Moans in ecstasy* (He uses his cum preclude technique to prevent himself from cumming so he can proceed with other sexual acts later )
by zingeraddict October 08, 2011
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