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An abbreviation of in-game.
To be in-game.
"You ig yet, -----?"
"I'm ig now"
"Your ig next."
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by legitimately.awesome January 01, 2017
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Ig is the short form for instagram. It is much like facebook's short form Fb.
Clarence-Hey how are you?
Janet-Well my selfie on ig got tons of likes. I feel #famous
by missdarling December 04, 2015
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used to denote an ignorant or foolish act

a shorter, less cumbersome version of the word "ignorant"
She said to the would-be kisser,"Don't be ig"

Simon derided the poseur, "That dude was straight-up ig!"

After losing all his cash he sighed in exasperation, "I am so friggin' ig."
by David Bryson May 10, 2007
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