Southeastern Virginia slang for ignant.
Tom: Yo I'm bored af and have nothing to do this weekend.

Max: Yooooooo we gotta hit that likker and do something ig

Tom: The ignancy has landed
by Bag of Screws February 01, 2020
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guy: ig we are going to eat poop
other guy: noooooooooo why :((((((((((
by notcoolguy123 October 09, 2020
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This word is short for I guess and in some rare cases instagram.
Person 1: ig kyle doesnt like me

person 2: Yeah i saw a pic of him with another girl on ig. Sorry boo!
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by blessedandcoffeeobsessed September 07, 2020
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If u ask a girl if she’s ok and she replies back with IG ^i guess^ that’s means she’s not ok.
Boy: r u ok?
Girl: ig :(
Girls friend: no she’s not ok.
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by Trinity Tanner🖤🥶 April 21, 2020
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Ig is the short form for instagram. It is much like facebook's short form Fb.
Clarence-Hey how are you?
Janet-Well my selfie on ig got tons of likes. I feel #famous
by missdarling October 13, 2015
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