IG stands for "Insomniac Games," an independent video game company that is best known for creating the Ratchet and Clank series.
I wonder what IG is going to make next!
by Somenobody April 15, 2006
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Internet God.

Generally an insult to those who think they rule the internet.
IG Herki wrote the rules of the interwebz!!111
by Addmanz February 03, 2009
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Ig, Almighty vulture God with fuzzy beek and cushy feeps.
Great Ig cares for all who would care for his birdies. Those who love birds - apart from the Kentucky Fried Chicken variety - and would nurture them, have a sure home and refuge in his flint-like heartbone.

'Great Ig, have mercy on us that show mercy to your birdies, and care not that they occasionally poop on our hats.

by Keeper of the Ig June 17, 2006
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Ig is the great Vulture with cushy feet who watches over us all and protects us in his mighty wings.
There is but One Ig, his mighty beek smites those who would blaspheme. His Beady Eyes, can give a pericing look that will turn even the stong to mere wimpering blobs of misery. Ig is the holder and caretaker of the EYE of Ig, a stone of great power worn about his neck. See also Church of Ig
Oh Mighty Ig forgive us our missteps and hold us in your mighty wings. AMEN
by Father L. Church of Ig June 09, 2006
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1."The photo I posted on ig got 10k likes! I am famous!"
2."If you think I should get a haircut, then why not ig?"
by Sheep Pope August 30, 2019
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If you bump into somebody on a New York City train, say "Excuse me" and just walk away. Ig him or her if s/he throws 'tude.
by pentozali March 10, 2006
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